Does Weed Lower Your IQ?

Woman smoking medical marijuana joint. Concept of weeds effect on IQ and intelligence

Does weed lower your IQ? This is a question that many cannabis users have wondered about for ages. While temporary short-term memory loss is a common side effect of ingesting …

Renewing your AZ Medical Marijuana Card

How to renew your MMJ card in Arizona.

If you have gotten a medical marijuana card in Arizona in the past, you might be up for a renewal soon! Let’s go over some important points before you go …


How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Female medicine doctor hand hold and offer to patient medical marijuana in jar. Cannabis recipe for personal use, legal light drugs prescribe, alternative remedy or medication, folk medicine concept

Becoming a medical marijuana patient can seem a little overwhelming if you don’t know how to apply for a medical marijuana card. But have no fear! Here are Affordable Evaluations …


What Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana

Applying for medical marijuana card

As cannabis for healing purposes has become legal and vastly popularized, many patients have inquired about how to get a medical card in Arizona. Medicinal marijuana is used to treat, …


How to Get a Medical Card in AZ

medical marijuana card application.

Applying for medical marijuana card is a big step toward improving health for many patients. If you are in search of medicinal healing properties for injury, recovery or chronic illness, …