The Truth About Marijuana and Your Brain

Image of medical marijuana in a jar. Concept of what does smoking weed do to your brain

Are you a regular medical marijuana user? Then you personally know some of the various therapeutic and healing effects of the cannabis plant. Most medical marijuana patients would agree that there is no other medicine that can match cannabis when it comes to the effectiveness of alleviating the symptoms of their medical conditions. You certainly know how marijuana makes you feel. But how can weed affect you and your body? Are there any negative side effects? What does smoking weed do to your brain? Do you completely understand how weed can alter your brain and body chemistry? Let’s take a deeper dive below into how weed can affect you:

How does marijuana make you feel?

Medical marijuana typically helps most users to reduce the following:

  • physical pain
  • anxiety
  • nausea levels

Cannabis also has a psychoactive effect; this the effect that you feel when you get “high” from it. This psychoactive effect is primarily caused by marijuana’s signature cannabinoid known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This psychoactive effect is mediated and accentuated by many other cannabinoids in the marijuana, including CBD, CBN, and others.

This is why during your days as a medical marijuana user you have probably noted that every strain causes somewhat different benefits or psychoactive effects. Some strains, especially if you smoke too much, may make the user extremely drowsy. Other strains might have the opposite effect and have almost no effect on your cognitive thought processes at all. Often the species of cannabis consumed can have a radical effect on the user. Cannabis sativa tends to produce cerebral, creative highs that give most users a ton of energy.

Cannabis indica has a tendency to produce a pronounced narcotic, pain-relieving effect on the body and mind.

In reality, everyone’s body is quite different and the way that it interacts with cannabis and the various cannabinoids in it can vary. A great way to get the best result from using medical cannabis is to test each batch by smoking or ingesting a small amount of it and monitoring how you feel. Once you can determine your tolerance to any particular batch or strain, the better you will be at negating any side effect you feel by taking too much.Image of a blond woman holding a joint of medical marijuana. Concept of how marijuana makes you feel.

Does weed change your brain chemistry?

Cannabis introduces cannabinoids into your body which eventually interact with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Once these cannabinoids and their corresponding receptors interact, you start to feel the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of cannabis. However, as you already know from experience, the effect produced by cannabis is temporary. The change in your brain chemistry is also temporary. There has never been any evidence found that smoking or ingesting marijuana in any form will make any permanent changes to your brain or body.

Does smoking weed change you?

Smoking weed does not change you in any way permanently. After using cannabis, you may feel a temporary lack of motivation or inability to concentrate. This is quite normal. However, these negative side effects will pass quite quickly while the therapeutic, healing effects that you want from your medical marijuana will last for quite awhile! Perhaps the only way smoking medical marijuana can change you is by making your life much easier and better by healthily and homeopathically treating your medical conditions while also minimizing negative side effects.

Hopefully, these answers help clarify what smoking weed does to your brain and your body.

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